Alas, Scarborough Borough Council charge us £5 per day for parking permits for our guests. We make no money from these — we charge the £5 cover price plus 50p to cover admin fees.

If you need parking permits for your stay, you can order them during your booking process, or if you've booked elsewhere, you can order your permits below.

We will leave them in the flat for you, on the dining table.

Parking is on-street, and isn’t guaranteed, though we’ve never known a space to not become available pretty quickly.

If there isn’t a space immediately available outside the apartment, there are two car parks within a minute’s walk, where you can pay to park temporarily until a space becomes available. You can also park temporarily directly opposite the apartment if you need to unload.

Parking without a permit is £9 per day in most local car parks.

If you buy any parking permits from us and don’t use them all we’ll refund those that you don’t use. Just leave them on the dining table when you leave.


Click below to order your permits