There is still a lot of uncertainly around the booking of holidays and weekend breaks. Here is some useful information, including a breakdown of what we’ve done to address the issues that the pandemic has caused. There’s a lot of information on this page, but we felt it important to tell you as much as we can.

Note that our Cancellation Policy for 2021 is updated, and can be found near the bottom of this page.


As our holiday apartment is in a residential building and there will be a lot of different people walking through the hallway over the coming weeks, we think it is fair to ask that everyone wear a face mask while in the hallway. As everyone needs to wear a mask if going into shops, etc, there’s an excellent chance you already own them.

Please put on your face masks before entering the building, and before leaving the apartment. It’s a small hallway, so you will probably be wearing them for less than a minute, but it will give our elderly neighbour some peace of mind.

Scarborough Tier

As of time of writing (Jan 2, 2021), Scarborough is in Tier 3.

COVID-19 and your holiday

As with all holidays we would always recommend you have holiday insurance in place for you and your party. It is worth double-checking your insurance to determine what level of cover they offer with regard to COVID-19-related claims.


As you will see from the details further down this page we have introduced an extensive cleaning regime designed to make our apartment as safe as possible.

We operate a contact-free check-in system.

When you arrive there will be a welcome pack waiting for you – a sealed bag containing individually-wrapped portions of tea, coffee, sugar, milk and some alcohol wipes. These bags were filled weeks before your stay and the bags themselves cleaned before being left out. We also leave out an individually-wrapped toilet roll (containing the equivalent paper of approximately one and a half standard toilet rolls). You should feel free to bring more if you think you’ll need it.

We also leave a copy of this guide in the apartment.


Our extended cleaning routines means it takes longer for us to get the apartment ready for you, so check-in is any time after 5.00pm. Keys are left in a key-safe (which has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected) and you will be given the code before you arrive. There is hand sanitiser immediately inside the front door to the property, and liquid soap inside the apartment.

The apartment is on the first floor. The stair handrail will have been cleaned, but there is a resident who lives on the second floor, so you will not be the only people in the building to use it. Keep this in mind as you go up and down the stairs.


Please vacate by 10.00am on your last day.

Food and Rubbish

When you leave, please leave all of your rubbish in the refuse sack provided. If the bin fills up during your stay and you need to empty it, there is a large green refuse bin outside the gate to the rear of the property (the long key hanging up opposite the back door will open the gate). Any food you have bought and not used should be either taken with you or put in the refuse sacks. If you wish to leave any chilled or frozen foods, leave these in the fridge freezer and we will dispose of them. Do not put them in the bin bags – our cleaners will do this when they arrive (if there is any delay in them arriving, it’s best to not have food defrosting in the bin bags).

Bedding and Towels

Please strip any beds you have used and put the sheets/pillow cases/duvet covers in the bags provided, along with any towels you have used. This protects our cleaners. They will then spray all the beds/duvets/pillows with a disinfectant spray, and allow them to dry, before putting fresh bedding on.

Don’t worry – we do all of the cleaning; this is so our cleaners can avoid touching as many surfaces that you will have come into contact with as possible.


We clean and sterilise all kitchen equipment for our next guests, but it would help if you clean them as you use them.


When you have left the apartment, lock the apartment door behind you and also the front door. If you have used the spare keys, please leave these on the dining table. We will disinfect them before putting them back. Please put the main set of keys back in the key safe. You will have been sent the code before your arrival.

DVDs, Books & Toys

The DVDs under the TV are swapped out and left at least 5 days before they are returned (more in peak season when bookings are Saturday-Saturday). The ones you see were not here last week, so you can be sure they are safe to handle.

If you use anything else during your stay (eg. toys) please either leave them on the dining table before you leave so we can be sure to give them extra attention, or leave us a note. If you’ve read any of the books, please feel free to take them home — especially if you haven’t got to the end, yet! If you’ve handled a book but not read it, please leave it out and we’ll remove it from the apartment for a week.

What to do if you begin to exhibit COVID-19 symptoms while on your break.

If this should happen, please let us know. We will need to contact previous and future guests to let them know.

The latest government advice about coronavirus can be found here:

If your or one of your party starts to show signs of the coronavirus (COVID-19) virus you should let us know, and immediately self-isolate where you are to minimise any risk of transmission, and request a test from the local authority (details here: If you are confirmed to have coronavirus (COVID-19), you should return home if you reasonably can. You should use private transport but only drive if you can do so safely. If you cannot reasonably return home (for example because you are not well enough to travel or do not have the means to arrange transport), your circumstances should be discussed with an appropriate health care professional and, if necessary, the local authority.

If you need to stay longer than your booked stay due to illness

As outlined in current government advice, you will be expected to pay the costs of an extended stay. We only have one apartment, and it is often fully booked.

If you need to extend your stay and we have guests already booked in after you, we will limit your costs to the amount we need to ensure our following weeks’ guests are provided with suitable local accommodation. They have also pre-paid for their holiday and will naturally expect to have somewhere to stay.

If you need to extend your stay and the apartment is available following your booked stay, we will reduce the cost of the extended portion of your extended stay by 50% on production of official documentation confirming you have tested positive for COVID-19. These costs are based on the pricing available on this website.


We understand that we are living in worrying times, and we hope we have managed to reassure you as to the cleanliness of our apartment.


For all bookings made to the end of March 2021 (for bookings throughout 2021) we will be operating a more flexible cancellation policy than usual:

  • If you cancel a week or more before your check-in date we will refund your booking in full (previously this was eight weeks).
  • If you cancel within a week of your booking you have the choice of either accepting a voucher for 100% of your booking fee (valid against future bookings and not redeemable for cash) or you can choose a refund of 80% of the cost of your holiday by whatever payment method you originally used. (Previously a late cancellation like this meant no refund.)
  • If you have already arrived and cannot complete your stay we are unable to refund any of your booking fee, and recommend you check your holiday insurance policy.
  • If you have paid a security deposit, that will be refunded in full subject to our usual rules about breakages, etc.
  • If you have booked through a 3rd-party site and not through this website, and if the cancellation terms on that site are less generous than on here we will honour the cancellation terms as set out, above.
  • If government advice changes and your booked week now falls in a time where travel of this nature is prohibited, we will, of course, refund you in full.


We have introduced a special 9-step protocol: new cleaning and disinfecting procedures, increased attention to safety, protective equipment and updated training.

  1. Increased levels of cleaning and disinfecting, including use of verucidal disinfectant on touch points and surfaces. Cleaning cloths and other cleaning materials are also kept at the apartment, should you wish to use them during your stay.
  2. Bedding, linen and laundry. All laundry is treated in line with infection control guidelines. Pillows and duvets are sprayed with virucidal disinfectant. Laundry sacks are provided for our guests to deposit used bed linen and towels.
  3. Keys & Remotes are individually sterilised.
  4. Cutlery, mugs and glasses. All sterilised.
  5. Sanitiser and hand wash. We have installed a hand sanitiser pump for you to use on your way in or out of the building (just inside the front door). Liquid soap is available in the apartment.
  6. Protective clothing. We use face masks and disposable sterile gloves to protect our guests.
  7. Safer Stays. All the measures we implemented meet with all appropriate health & safety guidelines. We regularly review this policy. All protocols are in line with major letting agencies.
  8. Additional time. All additional safety measures take additional time, so we have temporarily introduced a later check-in time of 5pm.
  9. Welcome pack. We will leave you with a small number of individually-wrapped alcohol hand wipes as well as an individually-wrapped toilet roll and some individually-wrapped tea bags, coffee and milk to get you started.